Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2013
September 23rd 29th

The dangers associated with carbon monoxide are promoted to the general public every year through television, radio, press, digital and direct mail advertising. This year, however, in an effort to do something different and to generate greater public engagement on the subject of carbon monoxide, a dedicated Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week is being held from September 23rd to September 29th.

Importantly, the week is aimed at all carbon fuel users.

Remember, Remember, Remember
As you can see from this website there are many messages related to the dangers of carbon monoxide that need to be promoted.  For Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, the public are being asked to remember three things that can help protect them against this silent killer using the mnemonic Remember, Remember, Remember;

the causes – Carbon Monoxide can be produced when ANY fuel is burnt, including oil, gas, wood and coal.

to service – To prevent Carbon Monoxide, ensure your appliances are installed and serviced annually by a Registered Gas Installer, a Registered Oil Technician, or a qualified service agent for your fuel type.  Also make sure vents, flues and chimneys are kept clear.

the alarm – Carbon Monoxide is odourless and colourless so for added protection install an audible carbon monoxide alarm.  Make sure the alarm complies with EN 50291, carries a CE mark, has an end of life indicator and carries an independent certification mark.

View this short video for advice on the best place to locate carbon monoxide alarms in your home.

Fuel customers will receive a Carbon Monoxide information leaflet with their bill in the run up to the Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.

Click to find out more about the organisations participating in Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.

The advertising and press material for Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week will be available in the coming weeks.


Remember, remember, remember
Produced in the interest of safety by:
Registered Gas Installers
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