This Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, I’ll be flyin’ around checkin’ yizzer flues and chimbleys.

Howayiz, folks. Welcome to me newfangled page all about Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.

I may be a chart-toppin’ canary balladeer but I’m not afraid to ruffle a few feathers to make sure yiz get the message to get yer appliances serviced and chimbleys swept every year.
And to make sure yiz have a carbon monoxide alarm that beeps. 

I’m dead serious.

Me telly ad for Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

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Carbon Monoxide - The Facts

Carbon monoxide is lethal stuff altogether. You can't see it or smell it – that’s why they call it "the silent killer". But there’s loads you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from the deadly gas, and prevent it from occurring in your gaff.

  • Remember, carbon monoxide can come from ANY fuel that burns, including coal, turf, oil, gas and wood
  • Get your boiler serviced and chimney swept once a year
  • Keep flues and vents clear at all times
  • Install an audible carbon monoxide alarm

I’ve been flyin’ all around, even down the country, checkin’ yizzer chimbleys and I’ve lost a few of me feathers. Tell me on The Twitter if you spot any @TommyMcAnairey. At my age, I can’t afford to lose too many, wha?